image by Jeff MacKinnon

The main purpose of toys is to bring joy to children. It adds more fun to their games. But one can never underestimate the power of toys. Toys are very helpful in preparing your child to learn bigger things. Although it may only seem that they are just playing and having fun, there are a lot of things that they can learn. There are educational toys that give your child the fun of playing and learning at the same time.

Toys have been your child's constant companion since he was still a baby. Small colorful toys helped him discovered the different colors and shapes. It also introduced him to the different sounds in his surroundings and allowed him to distinguish the different textures. Through toys, your child discovered the fun of using his senses.

At preschool, your child is more active. Although he has outgrown those colorful toddler toys, his interest to discover and create new things is continuing to take its toll. He starts to learn new things like associating his toys with the things in his surroundings. He learns to do role playing and takes his imagination to a new level. He also learns to appreciate and create new things out of the different colors and shapes. Their toys can aid you as well in teaching him how to write, count and draw. You can also teach him responsibility by assigning him a task to organize his toys after playing. You can teach him to socialize as well by asking him to share his toys with other children.

When your child is older, there are a lot of board games that you can introduce to him that will enhance his analytical skills. Game boards such as chess and domino help develop the strategic skills of your child. If you want to widen his vocabulary you can teach him how to play scrabble and word factory. This will also introduce your child to the different rules and regulations and the limitations it brings. He will also learn the value of sportsmanship and humility through this.

Children's interests vary as they grow. If your child does not show interest to any board game, then don't force him. You can ask him about the sports he is interested in and support it. He will surely learn a lot from it. He will be able to socialize by playing with a team and value the significance of teamwork. He will also learn about discipline and hard work in order to attain their team goal.

You may have not noticed it, but toys play a very important role in the development of your child's well being. His desire for toys change over the years because his needs varies from one stage to another but this does not mean that what he has discovered and learned with the previous toys he had will be forgotten. He may not be able to remember how he played when he was still a baby or how much he liked to put things together, but it will show in the person he has grown into.