image by Will Bragg

In recent times an immense interest has been shown towards teaching pre-verbal hearing babies sign language. Parents, baby-sitters as well as daycare centers have now adapted to teaching babies with easy to learn and remember signs. Even though in early days it was believed that teaching sign language would delay and harm the speech of a baby, latest research has now shown that it is the contrary. Teaching sign language to babies actually enables the baby to speak early as well as it increases the intelligence level and helps develop cognitive skills of the baby.

One of the most popular reasons for the acceptance of baby sign language is that it minimizes the frustration that babies and caregivers go though while communicating with each other. This is especially beneficial for daycare centers since it enables the caregivers to easily understand and meet the needs of the children and minimize the stress and frustration they face each day. Also this in turn provides the caregivers with more available time for activities which enhances the progress of the child. Another advantage of teaching sign language to babies in daycare is that it enables the baby to communicate his/her needs, thoughts or questions and answers with ease, thereby naturally reducing the amount of irritated screams and cries at the center.

It is not hard to teach baby sign language to infants/toddlers. Previous experience or qualifications are not required. But patience, commitment and consistency are the main factors required in teaching babies sign language. As a caregiver you can easily learn simple and everyday used signs by the help of a sign language book or website. Usually signs such as “milk”, “eat”, “sleep”, “more” and “no” are the ones which are popularly used with babies. After you are fluent with the signs you can start teaching them to the children under your care. Starting with one sign and being consistent is the key to success. Always remember that you should speak the word out loudly while signing it. This enables the child to easily understand as well as say the word as well.

It is believed that signing can be taught to babies as young as 6 months of age. An important fact to remember is that the baby would not be able to sign back at you as soon as you teach him/her. Also in the first stages the signs the baby shows will not be as accurate as the ones you have taught him/her. This is where you need to be patient and committed. Keep on signing with the baby and ensure that you are consistent. Every time you say out the word make sure that the baby is able to clearly see the sign as well.

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