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In case you didn’t know, it’s ridiculously hard work having a baby.

It’s nine months of worrying, eating for two and drinking for none, reading enough books to qualify for one’s Ph.D. in obstetrics, and enduring however many numbers of excruciating painful hours of labor.

What else could be nearly as stressful? I think finding the perfect Baby gift is a close runner-up! The task gets increasingly difficult if you are not a knowledgeable, experienced mom or grandma yourself; and the ante gets upped if you are buying for the second or third-time mom who already has all the basics.

Case in point: I know a neighbor on her third baby. She has everything her new baby needs. More than everything; as her house is full of new and gently used items piled up in teetering stacks in every available corner. When friends suggested throwing her a shower, this "new" mom practically snapped. The last thing she wanted or needed was another mound of ‘stuff’ that a seasoned mom knows she really won’t use, no matter how cute or costly it is. Take note; don’t let this happen to you.

For the first-time mother, or the experienced pro, what a Mom really wants is something useable.

When shopping for a gift, or gifts, ideally you want a mix of perishable, practical, and whimsical items. Giving a gift they will actually use and appreciate will make you a legend among your friends. Collect a few of the prettiest and most practical things you know the new mother needs. Every new baby needs onesies, sleepers, socks, washcloths and bibs. Once you have a no-nonsense basic gift in hand, then feel free to add a personal or whimsical touch. A small keepsake of some kind is always appreciated.

Being the mom of two baby boys myself, it meant that we received enough blue teddy bears to overrun any magical picnic in the forest. I ended up re-gifting most of them to every available boy baby I could find over the next few years. Please, step AWAY from the giant, carnival-sized stuffed animals.

Remember Mom is a person too. She knows that her baby will take priority above all, but it’s still nice to let her know she is loved and appreciated as a person. Add something sweet for her, whether it’s an edible chocolate treat, or scented bath salts, just to let her know she’s special.
These days, there are unlimited varieties and terrific value for your money in giving a gift basket. It is a versatile, gorgeous, and practical gift that delights every person who receives one. They can be tailored to occasion and baby gender, and showcase a bountiful array of thoughtful gifts.

You can find baby gift baskets online, shop by theme and price range, and find a high quality selection of premium items in a beautifully presented gift basket. It absolutely saves you precious time shopping several different stores for each item, and it saves you the cost and inevitable headache of buying paper and wrapping the gift yourself. Many companies will deliver the next day.

So, need a practical and pretty gift for baby? Try ordering a luxurious, beautiful gift basket.
Not such hard work, after all.

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Vivi Andris is the owner of Amor Gift Baskets,where you can shop for gift baskets for any occasion including baby gift baskets.

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  1. Noah's Mommy  

    January 12, 2009 at 6:57 AM

    I am so right there....even with being a mom...I still have trouble thinking of the right thing...cause I got so many of the wrong things....sigh...and I have three to buy for this year...

  2. Bendz  

    January 14, 2009 at 8:52 AM


    Nice post.
    I remember my mom at this moment.
    Good blog and Keep it up.